Martolia continues its business in the 5.000 m2
open and 1.000 m2 closed area with 8000 m2
capacity of finished marble tiles monthly.
There are latest technological machine park
to be able to process stone blocks to demanded tiles.

Extraordinary Craftmanship

We definitely know that even if there are latest
technological machines in a company, you will
never get high quality products from them unless
skilled human hands touch these machines. That is
the reason why we extremely value years of
experience in our team.

Selection Process

Selection and quality control processes are carried out by DRY SET method which means that all your products are laid on the floor before packing and then our professional employees make an inspection for getting highest quality until they are sure that everything is perfect. Moreover, you are also able to verify the quality by photos that we sent you before the delivery. So, our partners do not encounter any bad surprises.

Packing Standarts

After very detailed inspection, products are put into plastic boxes according to their weights and these boxes are placed in crates which are also vacuumed with special nylons. Thus, both the protection of your products and its visuality are increased very much.


Pictures of our production facility…